Q & A

Q1: Do we need to apply for a visa to do media work on Guam?

A1: Yes. The production company can apply visa waiver (VWP) through GIMCA. All inspection and pre-qualification will be done by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection office. It will be based on the passport holders past history. Department of Labor will qualify each person based on temporary employment and to make sure, their work on Guam will not adversely affect the wages and the working condition of similarly employed U.S. residents.

Q2: Do you have lighting equipment, specialized equipment, Grips, Cameras on Guam?

A2: Yes. We do. However, the depth of equipment can be limited.

Q3: Do we need Carne if we are to bring equipments from Japan?

A3: Yes. You must apply for a carne before departure from Japan.

Q4: I already possess a US entry visa. Do I need to reapply through GIMCA?

A4: No, however it depends on the type of Visa. Please confirm with GIMCA before departure.

Q5: Is it possible to have joint production, local sponsorship or tie-ups on Guam?

A5: Yes. Hotels and Airlines may be interested in sponsorship. Please inquire.