About Procedures

If you or your production are interested in entering Guam for the purpose of producing media related work, please contact GIMCA and complete the “Foreign Film Crew Entry Request Form”. The form is used to prequalify the production crew. (Job description listed below). Once the Department of Labor and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection office has completed their prequalification requirements for entry to Guam and find no problem, the copy of the signed request form will be forwarded to the person in charge of the production. All production crew members must carry the copy of the signed form when entering Guam and present it to the Immigration officials. All finished product including printed publications or materials, TV programs/Commercials, Motion Pictures and all other Media related materials must only be aired or printed in Japan or Korea. GIMCA will endorse all media groups entering Guam through GIMCA and will maintain legal INS status while in United States. The following list is the confirmed job description by the Department of Labor, Government of Guam. (This list is subject to change. Please contact GIMCA member for updates.)